Casino payment processing

Casino Payment Processing Options Studied

Online casinos have truly emerged as the reigning favourites of the gaming world, and the tech savvy generation has developed a fancy for it, and how. These virtual replications are no less exciting than their land based cousins. They provide a real time playing experience from the privacy of your own residence. Along with creating an impeccable environment that is so characteristic of a casino, these platforms support several casino payment processing options which facilitate safe and secure online monetary transactions. Some of the most popular casino payment processing options are listed below.


Moneybookers is a highly accomplished e-wallet which an be effectively used as a casino payment processing option. It’s quite like an online money storage kit which supports more than 50 deposit methods. Once the wallet has been topped up, the resources can be used for placing lucrative bets in any of the online casinos which support it. Moneybookers services can be availed in as many as 12 languages and it enjoys a thumping presence in almost 31 countries across the world. It is primarily favoured because of instantaneous money processing and also for facilitating safe and secure transactions. Quite naturally, Moneybookers boasts of over 6 million users online and the numbers are steadily moving northwards.


Ukash is similar to a cash voucher and can be procured from any of the 18,000 retail outlets which are authorized to sell it in the European continent. Ukash is considered to be an ideal casino payment processing option because its fast, easy to use and completely safe. The Ukash voucher is provided with a 166 digit unique code number which needs to be punched in when you attempt to facilitate your transactions online. Fresh Ukash vouchers can be issued for the balance amount of the previous voucher. Ukash supports 7 languages, 11 currency options and has presence across 21 countries.

American Express Cards:

American Express cards are the earliest credit cards which came into being and they can be effectively used as a suitable casino payment processing tool. Amex cards are provided with a card number, the expiry date and the security code or the CVV number. These would be required when you process your online transactions. Amex cards are preferred over others because they are extremely simple to use and provide for fast and safe deposits into the online gambling site of your choice. Amex enjoys a truly global presence. It can be accessed from over 130 countries in the currency of your choice. The website services can be accessed in over 85 languages.
Diners Club Cards: Diners Club actually represents a whole bunch of credit card companies which function under the license of the Diners Club International. Using Diners Club cards are just like using any other credit card for casino payment processing. There are several advantages of using the Diners Club cards including lightning fast cash transfer, safe mode of cash transactions and of course the several lucrative reward programs provided by Diners Club. These offer are of the premium types and a cut above the ordinary reward schemes associated with regular credit cards. Diners Club thrives on an expanded network of merchants, online or otherwise. It enjoys a global presence.


Click2pay is a well established casino payment processing tool which is completely governed by the German laws. Post registration, Click2pay offers user accounts with different limits. These are represented in the form of star ratings, with the 1 star rated account having the lowest limit and the 5 star one having the highest. Click2pay also provides for instant cash funds into the casino accounts and their money transfers and confidential information are protected by the 128 bit encryption technology, which is the highest by all standards. Click2buy supports 5 currencies and 11 languages.

Click and Buy:

Click and Buy is truly a universal e-wallet which is accepted by over 15,000 merchants across 27 different countries of the globe. It supports as many as 50 deposit methods and emerges as an ideal mode for casino payment processing. The transactions are protected with the help of state of the art SSL technologies which do not allow pilferage or third party access. Click and Buy is highly preferred by online casinos also because they provide for instant cash. Its supports 11 languages and 21 currencies in all, and enjoys a global presence.


Paysafecard is nothing but a cash card or a cash voucher which can be procured from any of the 2, 00,000 retail outlets which are authorized to sell it. It can be bought in denominations of 10, 25, 50 and 75 Pound Sterling. Each Paysafecard is provided with a 16 digit unique code which is used for casino payment processing. Fresh cards with distinct code numbers can be issued for balance amounts. Paysafecard supports 13 languages and 6 different currency options. It enjoys a global presence and is regulated by the FSA.


Entropay has emerged as one of the most suitable choices as a casino payment processing mode which provides for fast and safe online transactions, without having to involve a third party. Entropay is quite like a credit card or a debit card. There is a card number, CVV code and an expiry date which is provided for facilitating transactions. However, the only difference lies in the fact that the Entropay card needs to be topped up with the help of other debit and credit cards, before the funds can be used for online purchases. Entropay used the 128 bit encryption technology for safe and secure transactions.


Paypal is one of the best established e-wallet on the web. It provides for swift and completely authorised payments, especially for the online purchases made on eBay. The rules and policies of Paypal may not be that conducive for casino payment processing, but Paypal is being increasingly favoured for pumping cash into these gambling sites. Paypal supports several deposit methods. It can be used in 8 languages and 18 currency options, which makes it a global entity. Paypal provides a highly advanced customer interface which helps in monitoring of funds.

These are some of the most established casino payment processing options which have had a great role to play in the phenomenal success of these online replications of real time casinos.

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